If you've been training for quite some time, you've probably been around along enough to pick up on a few common occurrences in the gym. Weather it be that guy that comes in and trains in sandals, the girl who wears five kilograms of makeup to the gym, or the guy who walks around with Invisible Lat Syndrome (ILS), we've all had our fair share. 

After interviewing a bunch of moderately experienced, and somewhat annoyed gym-goers, we were able to nit-pick the 5 most annoying questions that these guys get asked:

1. 'How much do you bench bro'?

This is the most often asked question. It almost precedes the 'Hey, how are you?'. This is normally asked by smaller, more ignorant gym goers, and often directed towards bigger guys who are tired of hearing it. 

2. 'Will lifting weights make me bulky and manly?'

Fellas, has your girl asked you this? Have you felt like throwing your protein tub at a wall because of it? Ladies. Let's keep this short and simple. If you drive a fast car, does it automatically make you a f*cking NASCAR driver? No. Go lift some weights. 

3. 'Should I take protein bro? I want to stay natural'.

If you hear someone ask this question, you can expect to see them quit the gym within a few weeks. Those people who think protein supplementation is a myth, or that it's anything but natural to the body, don't deserve a gym membership in the first place. 

4. Is creatine a steroid?

Yes. It's the worst kind of steroid too. Once, I opened a tub of creatine and MERELY smelt it. Next thing I know, I've lost my girlfriend, my family has ostracised me, and I've lost my job. Whatever you do. DON'T TAKE CREATINE. 

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