A young couple from Melbourne recently sat down with us to detail just how gruelling their fitness lifestyles really are. 

Kieran and Emily, from Essendon, have been avid fitness trainers ever since the popular social media platform 'Instagram' launched. 

"It has this crazy effect on you... You see someone on Instagram happy, and you just want to feel the same thing" exclaims Kieran.

That's when they both joined up at their local gym. 

"People think working out is easy, but it really isn't" said Emily. 

The couple say the spend an average of six hours a day at the gym, striving for that perfect Instagram shot. 

'We start our workout off with 3 sets of kissie-kissies. That's usually followed by a half an hour session of getting Emily in good angle shots" Kieran goes on to explain. 

The couple went on to highlight that on bad training days, which Emily describes as "Days where Kieran just can't get the f*cking right shot", they end up turning to websites that sell Instagram likes & followers. 

Kieran says the couple are currently happy and stable, which he solely judges off their social media growth and interactivity. 

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