A group of gym bros has recently been left in a state of chaos, after one of their long time bros, somehow managed to fall into a relationship. Relationships are like bear traps, they can happen at any time, and you stand to at least lose a limb when you encounter one yourself. 


This particular group of lads was bound by the sacred hour and a half they spent every day, together, training in their second home - gym. 


"We were closer than Tasmanian siblings" said one member, holding back tears. 


"It's like the last three years meant nothing to him" another said. 


"Everyday we saw each other and trained together, but since he got into a relationship, it's like we don't even know who he is anymore". 


It's understood that contact between the group and the wedding-bound man has ceased entirely. It's understood that he lost all of his gains too. 


More on this story to come.


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