In what seems to be a twisted tale of events, a man has claimed he has bench pressed a new personal best to his masculine friendship circle. Upon being asked to 'prove' it, he advised them he forgot to record it. 

Sean, 22, Perth, claims he has hit 304 PBs so far this year, even though we've barely gone through 150 days this year. 

"It's like... I should be used to hitting PBs, and therefore recording my self right? But yeah nah I just keep forgetting to, and the lads think I'm talking sh*t!" he said.

"He's talking sh*t" a friend responded. 

"Sean is the type of guy to tell you he got a new girlfriend while away for the weekend, but she lives overseas so we'll never get to meet her" his best friend told reporters. 

It's alleged Sean will be attempting his 305th PB tomorrow, and refused to disclose details on whether he would be recording it or not. 

"Yeah nah yeah but who knows" he concluded. 

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