Tony eagerly waits for his gym partner of 3 years, Jonathan, to turn up to their agreed meeting place and time, to engage in a workout together. They've been doing this at least 3-4 times a week, over the time they've known each other. 


As we wait for Jonathan, Tony gleefully turns to us and shows us his phone in excitement. 


The text message reads 'I'm five minutes away bro'. 


Tony, almost like he's seeing this sort of message for the first time, heads towards the gym car park to wait for his partner who is allegedly around the corner. 


Tony, feeling good about the whole situation, decides it's now safe to double scoop his pre-workout, allowing a 5-10 minute buffer for it to kick in perfectly in sync with the beginning of his workout. 


5 minutes passes, no sign of Jonathan.


Tony assures us that he's probably caught a bad run of red lights and should be here in no time. 


Another 10 minutes passes. 


I look over at Tony and I can see the sweat forming on his forehead. Yet with unmoved confidence, he re-assures us that 'Johnny will be here in no time'. 


After another 30 minutes passing, we told Tony that we had no doubt that Jonathan was indeed just around the corner, but we had to go and cover our next story. By this point, Tony sweating from head to toe, clothes drenched, reaches for his phone inside his pocket...


His hands shaking, he flips the screen and turns it to us. It's a text from Jonathan. 


"Just left mine bro, 5 mins off"

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