Three caps of fish oil, multi-vitamins, and a good diet, seems to be the fallback of most social media fitness models these days. 

The moment you mention they're enhanced, they're quick to snap back at you with a list of supplements they take on the daily, including the notorious fish oil. 

One fitness model, who wishes to be unnamed, claims he has gained over 15kg of muscle in 4 months, just by supplementing his fish oils and eating boiled chicken. 

"People love to undo your hard work" he said as he prepared his 21" gauge needle. 

"They think that we all just jab steroids half the day and spend the other half of the day denying it" he explained as he pulled back his needle to check for air.

"Well not all of us take steroids" he finishes as he completes his injection of Trenbolone Acetate. 

It's said that recent rumours of giant Bodybuilding Festival Stereosonic making a return to Melbourne, have spurred on a spike in demand for gear. 

More on this later.


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