David, pictured recently in Patong.

David Thanakos, 22, Melbourne, is a full time TAFE student. He's currently completing his sports science diploma. 

David has been training for four years now, and says after all the hard studying at TAFE, he deserved a four-week holiday in Thailand. He often travels alone or with his training partner. 

"Oh yeah. I totally need like, a holiday you know? I've been working hard for years." 

When asked why he had travelled alone for a slightly extended period of time, he was quick to snap back at our reporters. 

"Man what's it to you? I went to go and relax. Why is everyone asking me all these questions?" 

The attention David has been getting since he returned is not unwarranted. Close friends say he's come back looking twice the size, on top of claims that his weight jumped from 81kg to 94kg in the four week period. 

The timing of these Thailand trips seems to coincide with seasons here in Australia. David tends to travel to Thailand in September-October every year. 

He claims these are the best months to visit Thailand for its beautiful nature and most certainly not for the cheap accessible steroids.

More on this story to come. 


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