Man goes to Thailand for one week. Comes back a professional Muay Thai fighter.

It's said that Steven Flemmings, 22, of Sydney, left for Thailand last week for what appeared to be the typical run-of-the-mill holiday. 7 days in paradise, relaxing with a drink in your hand, letting the sun kiss your body. 

However things took a turn, and in drastic ways, claim Steven's friends back home.

"We expected him to come back a little more relaxed, and maybe some extra holiday weight with him" his best friend said.

"Instead, he's come back with these f*cking silly shiny shorts with slits down the side" he continued. 

Steven claims that in the 6 nights and 7 days he spent in Phuket, he was moved when he saw a car driving through the streets, promoting a Mauy Thai fight. 

"Bro there was full on like a guy on top of this car in a make shift ring, promoting his fight" said Steven.

"I knew at that moment it was not me who chose the MMA life, it was the MMA life that chose me" he added.

Since returning to Sydney, his family and close friends say it's been hard to communicate with Steven. If he isn't spending hours shadow boxing and kicking in the gym, he's usually walking around the house, kicking air and making 'OUSS OUSS' sounds. 

More on this story to come. 

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