A man, who wishes not to be named, has recently had a huge reality check - one that he simply can't get his head around. 

Jared, (we'll call him), bought a gym membership 6 months ago and started hitting the iron on the daily. He researched for hours on end, regarding what supplements to take, what routine split to use, and more. 

However, no amount of research, supplements or training in the world would prepare Jared for the horror he was about to discover. 

"The f*ckers just don't f*cking grow!" he exclaimed. 

"I've been a painter half of my life, and a pallbearer the other half, and I can tell you, there's more happening in both of those jobs then there has been in my calves" 

Jared claims that the 6-month turmoil is finally over, having handed in his gym membership this week, after cancelling it. 

"If you think I'm going to be paying in upwards of $150 a week to look like I have a 3-year-olds forearms for calves, you're kidding yourself".

Jared was recently escorted out and banned from a supplement store after becoming aggressive with staff when they told him there was 'no such thing as supplements that target calf growth specifically'.

More on this story later! 

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