Richard grew up a skinny kid. Topping a mere 52kg at the peak of puberty, he knew he was in for a long ride. 

"Sometimes when the wind picked up, I'd sort of get blown away with it like a piece of paper" he claimed. 

When Richard turned 18 and finished year 12, he diverted his attention to the gym. He knew how he was going to get back all the female eyes that failed to even acknowledge him at school... 

"I figured, women love guys with muscles, so I needed to pack on mass, fast". 

And he did. Well, maybe not fast. But good things take time, right? 

Richard has been training for the last 3 years. Going to gym consistently, 4-5 times a week. However, despite the blood, sweat, and tears he has invested into the gym, he said the result of his hard work was surprising.

"Everyday now, all I get is guys coming up to me, paying me compliments." he said. 

"Nice chest bro, how much do you bench?" a fellow gym-goer muttered to Richard as we interviewed him.

"See what I mean?" exclaimed Richard.

"I can't even give an interview without basically being verbally groped".

We asked Richard how his pursuit of true love is going to which he responded "Hang on a sec I'm pretty sure that guy genuinely complimented my calf muscles".

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