Warren, pictured shortly after ingesting two scoops.

BREAKING: A man who took two scoops of a pre-workout that had a warning NOT to take more than one scoop, says he wishes he took one scoop.

Warren, 19, of Sydney, said he picked up the pre-workout yesterday, and couldn't wait to turbo-charge himself ahead of a gruelling leg workout. 

"I've used Red Bull before, so I can definitely handle my stimulants" he claimed. 

Upon getting home from the local supplement store, Warren hurriedly rushed to his room where he opened his new pre-workout.

After ingesting two scoops, Warren claims things began to blur about 15 minutes shortly thereafter. He says he can't remember anything, aside from waking up 4 hours later in his bathroom, naked, on a bike, holding a gun. It is alleged he never made it to the gym, or trained his legs.

"The label had a warning on it, but if we let labels dictate our lives, where would we be?" he asked. 

Probably not naked in the bathroom on your bicycle, Warren.  

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