Meet Tristyn Lee, The Most Shredded 15 Year-Old in The World

At 15 years old, most kids are figuring out what candy they want to buy from the supermarket...

However, Tristyn, isn't like every 15 year old out there. Tristyn is different. And you can see why just by looking at his physique. 

The kid is more diced than a casino table. He's got the physique most men dream of having at 25-30 years old. 

In the video below, Bradley Martyn (a renowned bodybuilder and powerlifter) sits down with the young prodigy to humbly discuss his life, training, what got him into bodybuilding, and everything surrounding it. 

So... Of course, as with any video like this, we're always going to ask for your thoughts and opinions. What do you rate his physique? Has he started too young? 

We think, as long as he's happy, he should be able to do as he pleases with his body. After all, on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, you have morbidly obese 15 year olds weighing in at over 90kg+ 


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