In our last two articles we covered two new amazing brain supplements that landed at our headquarters. Today we'd like to direct your attention to a fat burner that has OUT SOLD some of the most renowned fat burners in the world - Introducing Prometheus. 

Slimtum™ Prometheus is Australia’s most effective energy, weight loss and appetite suppressant tablet. As a metabolism booster, Prometheus works to elevate fat burning by activating metabolic pathways. As an energy supplement, Prometheus provides an unrivalled boost to energy levels.

So what's in it?

Real Ingredients. Real Results.
Prometheus uses a synergistic combination of clinically researched weight loss ingredients that target every major fat loss pathway. Each ingredient has been chosen and dosed optimally so that every supplement tablet promotes weight loss, boosts your metabolism, suppresses appetite and provides as much energy as possible. Slimtum™ Prometheus achieves all of this together with almost no crash, an incredible boost to mood and serious fat burning.

But what really sets Prometheus aside from other weight-management formulas is it's completely transparent ingredient list, and a carefully selected one with incredible synergistic properties. 

We're here to sell you supplements, yes. But we want you leaving our stores with a smile and returning with results. 
We're pleased to announce that we stock this A-Grade product at our four locations in Melbourne, but also have it available on our online store (you're on it). We ship Australia Wide on all orders over $99 AND we have Afterpay available! 
Are you ready to unlock your summer body? 

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