Roid Rage Ensues After a Man Is Asked to Leave The Gym

The old stereotype of roid rage isn't going to die any moment soon.

Not as long as their idiots like the one in the video below to remind us about it. What you're about to see has a little backstory to it.

For those who aren't aware of Planet Fitness, it is one of the biggest fitness-gym chains in America. It appeals to beginners, and it contains a 'judgment free zone' where you can only judge bodybuilders it seems. 

There's an alarm in the gym known as the 'lunk alarm', that blasts through the gym's speakers every time someone 'slams' their weights down. 

Watch what happens when this bodybuilder is asked to leave.

Now we don't even have to ask if his reaction was warranted. It wasn't. There's never an okay moment to behave like this. 

We just have to wonder why someone like him would walk into an established gym like Planet Fitness, knowing it has strict rules. 

What are your thoughts? 

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