It's been a few years, and thousands upon thousands of memories, since the pinnacle of bodybuilding competing, Stereosonic, pulled the plug on its entire existence. And with that, the hopes and dreams of thousands of aspiring young bodybuilders in Australia. 

'Training for the last few years has been incredibly weird, I feel like I have nothing to train towards. No goal. No motivation' claimed Johnny, who frequented the Stereosonic bodybuilding competition during its glory days.

Without trying to raise the natural testosterone levels of men around Australia, the iconic bodybuilding competition may make a return in 2019...

Reports coming out of Melbourne, claim that the organisers of the event felt like they had ripped away a platform for young men to showcase their bodies on, leaving their mental health and physical health at stake. 

"We want them to have a vision. A goal. An end game, to train for" was written in a public statement on the Totem OneLove website. 

Moey DW from South East Melbourne nearly began to cry when he heard the news. 

"I called Ali, Michael, Nathos, Kosta and George and I told the boys to triple scoop their pre-workouts and meet me at the gym because if this is true cuzzy, that means we only have around 80 weeks to get shredded!" 

More on this story later. 

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