Science is a powerful tool in the progression of humanity. It has helped us advance in all ways possible. Today, a massive breakthrough in science has flipped the bodybuilding world on its head. 

Scientists have completed a 12 week double blind-fold study and have come to the very shocking conclusion that quoting Ronnie Coleman and yelling "LIGHT WEIGHT" before a set, actually has no effect on the true weight that you're lifting. 

In the study, 50 subjects, split into two groups, were placed in gyms. One group was instructed to scream "LIGHT WEIGHT" before every set, while the other was instructed to simply complete the set in silence. 

Astoundingly, the group that kept yelling before their sets, were evidently asked to leave the gym, with police being involved. No changes in weight were recorded. 

The new findings have sent shockwaves throughout the industry, leaving bromances falling apart, and many bodybuilders scratching their heads. 

"I don't even know what to believe anymore. All these years I've been yelling the same quote over and over again" claimed one bodybuilder. 

"Man what do those idiot science guys even know? I can vouch for the quote itself. It's made 100kg feel like 20kg, but only if I scream it out" another said. 

Education may be important, but it seems big biceps will always be more importanter. 

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