This is What a 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet Looks Like

Imagine having to eat 20,000 calories every single day. That's exactly what professional Strongman Robert Oberst eats every day!

Robert Oberst claims he’s the strongest man on the West Coast, and that may very well be true. His job is literally just picking up heavy things — and then eating a ton of food, often up to 20,000 calories a day.

Oberst is a professional strongman competitor, or a strength athlete who competes in weightlifting and powerlifting. Strongmen are able to pick up, push, and toss some ridiculously heavy items, and thus have a "freak show" appeal. They often compete in World’s Strongest Man competitions. “I travel around the world, and lift up heavy, weird objects, and that’s my job,”

Have a look at what he fuels his body with...

Could you imagine eating 20,000 calories a day? What would you do to get those quick calories in? Imagine having to eat 20,000 calories of tuna, chicken, eggs and rice a day. That almost sounds like torture...

Speaking of torture on the stomach, if you need a quick fix for an unhealthy gut, try GUTRIGHT by ATP Science (image below).

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