Unlock Your Brain's True Potential With Skywalk - Our Newest Nootropic

Brain drugs are becoming increasingly popular as more nootropics make their way onto the market...

We'd like to direct your attention to the newest addition of our fast growing Nootropics range

This week we opened the warehouse doors to a truck full of MYOBLOX products. Amongst those products sat a batch of small, light-weight tubs with a course feel to the label. 

We're always ones to raise an eye brow at a light tub, or one with a small scoop - it normally tells us the product is of high quality/potency. We definitely were on the money with our gut feeling. 

Being the guinea pigs we are, we like to test our products before we hand them over to you guys. Essentially, we don't want to be selling anything we personally wouldn't buy our selves. So without further adieu, we introduce to you, Skywalk by Myoblox, a powerful Brain Octane Nootropic formula. 

At first glance, MyoBlox Skywalk has a clean, nice and simple packaging to it. A quick look at the back will tell you the active ingredients in this formula, and the one that made our eyes pop was NOOPEPT! 

YES! You read that right. Skywalk contains a hefty dose of Noopept. A quick Google search will tell you everything you're missing out on in life without Noopept in it. It really has become the king of smart-drugs. 

Based on reading a few online reviews, it seems that 1.5 scoops seems to the the 'sweet' spot for most consumers. Others may find 1 to be ideal, and some may amp it up to two scoops. Our team found common grounds on 1.5 scoops.

You feel this formula start taking effect within 15 minutes. Mental clarity begins. You suddenly feel your mood increase and focus becomes all that you know. 

You will end up putting you calculator down to do simpler math equations in your own head. The cognitive enhancing properties of this formula are THERE. 

Here's a look at what Skywalk contains:

The MyoBlox team have manufactured a flexible formula that allows users to assess their strength preference according to their tolerance levels. Some users find that using one scoop, two to three times a day is the most effective way to keep the Noopept levels balanced in the body. 

It's also worth noting L-Tyrosine and Alpha GPC as major players in this formula as well. 

Whether you're looking to get the extra edge in gaming, or simply need to ascend to a new level of your self for that next study session, we really can't recommend a Nootropic formula that has impressed our team this much. 

Now it's your turn. Want your tub? Click the image below! (Or any of the images in this article)! 

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  • Mark Sitters on

    Does phuck all imo.
    Disappointing. Won’t buy again.

  • Sebastian Reimers on

    As a ticket inspector it is vital for me to be on top of my game. After taking skywalk I caught double the amount of fare evaders that I normally would. Skywalk has allowed me to know if someone hasnt topped up their myki without having to use the scanning machine we are provided. 10/10

  • Johnny Starr on

    Vanja spiked my product with roofies now I am tied up in a basment……hallpppp

  • Braden on

    Never took one bad photo again with this product

  • Moth on

    One scoop was enough for me to find the light. Many thank bröther

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