Watch As Ray Williams Sets a 485KG Squat World Record

Just remember, when you get excited over your new 200kg squat P.B., there's probably someone out there warming up with it.

How much weight did he squat exactly? 1,069 pounds—raw. That's right, no straps, no knee wraps, and no squat suit. He does wear some knee sleeves, but that's allowed. It was the first time anyone had completed a  1,069-pound Squat in competition history held to IPF raw standards.

Check out how easy Williams makes it look. It's almost like he could have done three more reps. His form is excellent too.

He we are celebrating our new 150kg P.B., and this guys comes through with an EASY looking 485kg! What's more impressive is that the record prior to this one, which was set at 1000lbs (453kg), was also set by Ray Williams. So at this point, it really is him vs him! 


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