A 33 year old man from Perth has recently gone on to explain why he, and many other bodybuilders around the world, choose to skip training their legs. 

Jason from Perth, Western Australia, is happy to admit that he hasn't trained legs in over 12 months. 

"The first year of training, I basically only hit them due to peer pressure" he went on to say.

However, Jason quickly took up a love for isolating his biceps and triceps every two days, and ditched training his legs. That was over 12 months ago. 

"Women don't even look at my legs. Why train them?" he asked. 

Women at Jason's gym have been quick to chime in their 2 cents, with one claiming that he 'looks like an upside down triangle' and another saying that 'The Chicken Farm called and they want their legs back'.

It's understood Jason is completely oblivious to his Dorito-Shaped body, and to this day, is adamant that his three weekly bicep days at the gym are the key to finding his soul mate. 


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