AEN Presurge
AEN Presurge

AEN Presurge

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This product from Athletic Edge Nutrition (AEN) is ideal for those individuals looking to maximise muscle fullness and bring about ultra lean and hard looking muscle. This pre-workout supplementation incorporates all the latest advancements in sports nutrition science. It's a formula aimed to provide a “muscle-mind” connection and as such has two distinct approaches with regards to ingredients.


The product includes research-backed and specialised extract of russian tarragon. Studies have reported that when combined with creapure creatine it drastically increases the uptake of creatine into skeletal muscle. Essdentially, this specialised russian tarragon extract is added to make your muscles perform like creatine sponges! The ingredients are divided into two blends with specific functions (the muscle and the mind).

"Muscle formula"

1. Creapure: a German-produced creatine monohydrate claimed to be purer than other creatine types and thus is a more effective formula for enhancing muscle growth.

2. Taurine: Researchers discovered the amino acid taurine is essential for skeletal muscle growth.

3. Glycine: Glycine is also an amino acid known to limit muscle breakdown, increase healing after strenuous exercise, and optimize energy.

4. Russian tarragon extract: Russian tarragon extract is shown to lower plasma creatine levels implying greater skeletal muscle uptake of creatine which would lead to greater performance

"Mind formula"

1. L-tyrosine: an amino acid reported to avert deteriorating cognitive functions that result from physical stress.

2. Trimethylglycine: Researchers observed athletes consuming trimethylglycine daily improve in some aspects of performance, particularly in endurance exercise.

3. Caffeine anhydrous: bolsters mental alertness and improves concentration. Studies also show caffeine permits athletes to work out longer and have a better output.

4. DL-phenylalanine: plays a key role in the biosynthesis of tyrosine and helps form some of the neurotransmitters that work in the mood centers of the brain

5. Dendrobium Extract: Stimulant that has effects like DMAA


NOTE: This product is past its Best By Date and is sold as a clearance item. It is part of a batch that has been checked for potency and consistency and deemed to be just as effective as the Best Before Date.


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