JUMBO 6-Blend Mass Gainer

JUMBO 6-Blend Mass Gainer

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Scitec JUMBO - Weight Gainer with 6 Blend Carbs!

JUMBO is a mass gaining protein designed by Scitec Nutrition. JUMBO contains 808 calories per serving of quality proteins and carbohydrates designed to increase size and growth for those of you who are “hard-gainers”. JUMBO contains a “6-Carb” blend including oat flour, palantinose and waxy maize starch to increase beneficial carbohydrate levels for growth without gaining excessive body fat. JUMBO has 5 different types of creatine added in for that extra ATP production needed when aiming for weight gain to increase strength and size. JUMBO also contains 9 amino acids that are considered the life bars for growth and muscle gain as the body cannot synthesise them and also contains 50g of protein per serving.

Key Factors:

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • 5 Types of Creatine
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Recovery

Our thoughts:

JUMBO is a mass gainer that is designed for size and growth even for those of you who struggle greatly with putting on size. JUMBO with is 6 carb blend, 5 types of creatine and 50g of protein per serving it makes this item a powerhouse for “hardgainers” who struggle to bulk up. Use 2-3 shakes a day and you have an extra 1800-2400 calories added into your daily intake!


Take up to 3 Servings Daily. Common times are with Breakfast, immediately after Training or where Extra Calories are required throughout the day.

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